Liam Hemsworth -

Liam Hemsworth

Né le : 13 janvier 1990 (28 ans)
Nationalité : Australie
Métier : acteur


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Lizard King,I don't think I went easy. I think you are being too hard Lizard King. If cnroamipg it to the novel, then yes it's fair to say the novel version was far superior, but as a movie goes and the Harry Potter films overall have gone, this was VERY good.I agree with your statement about the climax. I just pretty much didn't enjoy anything about the ending, and it was disappointing that Yates let go of the half blood prince theme. It almost seemed like halfway through it was just forgotten about, but other than that I thought it was phenomenal.The kissy poo teen scenes were appropriate whether you liked them or not. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but this was a movie about a kid in his adolescence and the things that go on. Necessary for the relationships to end up where they do after Hallows.*arms crossed*Drush,Yes, in this particular circumstance Ron and Hermione should be obedient. It the FIVE prior novels and films Harry has made a case in each one that has been questioned by his friends in each, and after five years they should heed his warnings rather than passively dismiss them. It's an annoying character beat that has continued throughout the series. That and Emma Watson's terrible terrible fake cry.
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The book that made me think the most is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a rlealy cool. The Catcher In The Rye by JD Saligner, one of my favourites. There are also some books by Jacqueline Wilson like Kiss and My Sister Jodie that are rlealy good. The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, this one is probably the best. I hope this helps you.
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